Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 Thailand BJJ and Submission Grappling Competition

Fellow Athletes,

We are very pleased to announce that the 2008 Thailand BJJ & Submission Grappling Open competition will be held on September 27 and 28th. We are committed to staging a top-quality event this year that you will not want to miss. The event will be held at Union Mall in Bangkok which can be easily reached by subway train. The competition venue is very large and fully air conditioned. The mall provides easy access to food, ice and other items you may need.

On Saturday night we will organize an after-party to a good, inexpensive open-air Thai restaurant in Bangkok so you can get to know the guys who tapped you out earlier in the day. Please plan on attending this great opportunity to meet your fellow competitors and build our BJJ community.

Forthcoming postings will provide information on entry fees and advanced online registration. We will have a discounted package hotel rate to offer soon thanks to our own Luke Chaya and his generous support of our BJJ community. Please visit

Please also visit Bangkok's two fine BJJ academies at and

This year’s competition will be distinguished by the following;
  • Expansive competition mat space covering at least 240 square meters
  • High quality refereeing committed to protecting the safety of competitors, following IBJJF rules, and promoting the highest standards of sportsmanship
  • First-aid support will be on hand
  • Distinctive, presentation-grade medals and trophies
  • First 100 competitors with paid registration will receive a custom-made rash guard
  • Prizes for Most Technical fighter, Most Submissions and Absolute Champions
  • Exhibition MMA matches
  • No Entry fees for Brown and Black belt competitors
  • Separate, private changing areas and clean bathrooms all weekend
Please share this blog site address widely. We look forward to hosting competitors from around the region and will do all we can to make the competition and your weekend in Bangkok a great experience. You can also search events on Facebook for "Bangkok BJJ and Submission Grappling Tournament" for more information.

See you there!

Mark "Vesuvius" Simmerman


Weigh-ins will be conducted on both Day 1 (Gi) and Day 2( No gi) days. On Day 1 all athletes will weigh-in with their BJJ competition gi and belt ON. Karate, Judo and other gi are not allowed.

For Day 1 (gi) the complete IBJJF rules will be used. See

For Day 2 (No gi) modified ADCC rules will be used. See

On Day 2 there will be 3 categories:

Novice Category (<2 years of wrestling, BJJ or Judo experience) All rounds: 5 minutes with first 3 minutes without points. No draws.

Illegal Moves: Knee bars, neck cranks, any kind of slamming or heel hooks are NOT allowed

Advanced Category (2-5 years of wrestling, BJJ or judo experience)

Elite Category (All BJJ Purple, Brown and Black belts and others athletes with at least 5 years of wrestling, BJJ, Judo or MMA experience)

Time Limits for Advanced and Elite Categories
• Qualifying Rounds = 6 Minutes, first 3 minutes with out points.
• Finals = 10 Minutes, first 5 minutes with out points. Only negative points.

No draws. In the event of a draw, referee will make final decision.

Illegal Moves: Heel hooks, any type of slamming and neck cranks are not allowed.

Note: On Day 2 a single Bronze medal will be awarded to the semifinal loser that lost to the Gold Medalist

More information will be forthcoming. Check this blogsite often!



1 comment:

Jem said...

Hi guys,

I just have a questions re: weight categories for women.
Will they be the same as the male categories? bearing in mind that they start at 60kg +

Not that I have to worry about the 60kg mark, but a few girls may be lighter (in the 50kg division) so I don't know if that needs to be established for girls that may come (or girls looking to compete but are worried about the weight categories :) )