Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Plan to take home some metal? You will have to work for it!


This year's winners will receive custom made medals designed after those awarded to the victors at the Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Los Angeles in 2008. Our medals will be a huge 10cm in diameter and will stand out from all the rest of the competitions in the region. However, this year we will break with tradition slightly and introduce an exciting variation.
On the first day of our competition (Gi), rather than awarding two Bronze medals to the losers of the semi-final matches on both sides of the bracket, we will hold consolation semifinal matches. The winner of this match will be awarded the Bronze medal and the loser will go home to fight another day. This will allow many athletes an opportunity to gain more experience on the mat and should be a real crowd pleaser as athletes play hard for the third and final spot on the podium. This rule will apply to all divisions where 8 or more athletes are competing and only on Day 1 of the competition. For those divisions with fewer than 8 competitors, the semi-finalist who lost to the evenutal Gold medialist will be awarded the Bronze medal. See you in Bangkok!

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