Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some Comments on Competition Kimonos and No-Gi gear


This year's competition will be the biggest ever held in Bangkok. We have competitors coming from many countries and even from other continents. As fellow competitors, we respect the time you spend training and the cost of getting to Bangkok to compete. We also need to present BJJ as a well-organized sport to the public. Therefore, it is important that we try to make the competition as even and fair as possible. One important aspect is the competition kimono (Gi). Since the Gi plays such a key role in our sport, we must all agree to follow the same basic rules. Please read these carefully and plan on following them.

#1. Only regulation BJJ Gis are allowed. Karate, Tae kwon do, Kung Fu and Judo kimonos are not permitted.

#2. Your Gi must be good condition. At the weigh-ins, a referee will inspect your Gi. If it is found to have multiple tears, patches and repairs or is extremely thin from wear and tear such that it is likely to rip or tear during a match, you may not be permitted to compete in that Gi.

#3. Your Gi must fit properly. Your Gi sleeves must reach your wrists when your arms are fully outstretched from your sides. Likewise, your pant cuffs must reach your ankles when standing. we will measure suspected Gis if they appear to not meet regulations.

#4. Your Gi jacket and pants must be only one color. That is, all white, all black, or all blue. No other colors are permitted. Women competitors may wear a pink Gi.

#5. Your belt must be clearly and obviously the color in which you are competing. For example, dirty grey colored belts that cannot be clearly distinguished as being white, blue, purple or black will not be allowed.

#6. The patches on your Gi must not be located on the knees, ankles or lower sleeves. The back, thighs and seat of the pants are the appropriate places for patches. Any patches that are loose of frayed must be removed before competing.

#7. You must weigh-in in the same Gi that you will compete in! If you appear for your first match in a different Gi than the one that you weighed-in with, you may be disqualified.

Finally, for No-Gi submission grappling competition, you must wear a shirt. Bloody or torn shorts will not be permitted. If your shirt becomes bloody or torn during a match, you must appear in your next match in a new, clean shirt (so bring extras).

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